Wedding Venues We Work Wtih

We are lucky to be able to work in some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the UK. This list features our favourites.

Wedding Venues

We are proud to say we have worked at all the venues we have listed within Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

If your venue is not listed - please talk to us. We would just make a site visit before quoting for your wedding flowers. This allows us to work with you on creating your dream wedding flowers. It’s fun to discover a new venue and this does not phase us at all. As a specialist wedding florist our experience across many hundreds of weddings and over 30 venues is second to none. We look forward to working with you to create your dream too.

Please do let us know of any venues we have missed. It’s always exciting to work with new ones too.

Choosing your Wedding Venue

For sure the choice is endless. We believe that perhaps start with the following in mind:-


The style of the wedding you wish to have - this will dictate the kind of wedding venue you would like to have. Would you like a relaxed feel of a barn, such as Dodford Manor or a more formal venue that feels like a stately home such as The Dairy at Waddesdon or The Woburn Sculpture Gallery. Take a look at It is a good starting point and lists venues by county. Not all wedding venues choose to be listed here but it does help to start the journey.


Of course, the budget plays a part so consider your overall budget. It is a shame to splash it all on the wedding venue and then not be able to afford the band you have always wanted, or the dress you have your eye on. It is a good idea to have a rough budget for all elements early on. Yes – sorry it means a spreadsheet.


Perhaps write a draft list of the possible attendees and decide on a maximum. We have seen wedding venues that have really squeezed the numbers in the wedding ceremony room to the point of making it uncomfortable. Do have a look at this.


This seems to play less importance now as most people travel to weddings. But do think about the availability of local accommodation and the benefit of onsite accommodation for yourselves and bridal party. Of course, it is more important if you are getting married in the local family church or a church near the venue such as with Eggington House or Dodford Manor - both have churches withing walking distance.


Some venues allow access for the whole weekend and this makes it easier in terms of getting it just the way you would like. This is more relaxed in terms of getting in and out. You hire the venue for the weekend such as at Wood Farm Everdon and Newton Lodge Farm.

So whether you choose a barn location such as Dodford Manor, a boutique hotel like Hyde House or decide on a blank canvas of a marquee either on land you have available or at Venues like Tofte Manor or Egington House – do keep an open mind and enjoy the search. It maybe like that wedding dress you never thought would suit you – it just feels right and you know you have made the right choice.

We hope we are your chosen wedding florist on this journey and are happy to be a sounding board at any point.


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