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Courteenhall Estate - Northamptonshire Wedding Venue

The Wake family have been in South Northamptonshire since the thirteenth century, and at Courteenhall since 1672. Four generations of the family live and work on the Estate now.

Courteenhall is a vibrant business and a way of life for those who live there and is mentioned in the Domesday book. The Estate came into the family originally through an uncle who died without children. It has been farmed since records began.

If you are looking for a stylish, exclusive wedding venue, Courteenhall may be for you.

You will need a marquee at this venue and therefore you have a blank canvas. The backdrop is certainly magnificent and very historically British. It has a charm about it that doesn’t leave you as you drive away.

Why Field Gate Wedding Flowers at this Northamptonshire venue?

Courteenhall is elegantly British. It has a charm about it that is hard to deny. Our wedding flowers fit this venue perfectly – elegant, natural and British. We hope too they leave a lasting impression on you as much as Courteenhall does.

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