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Poundon House - Oxfordshire Wedding Venue

Poundon House is ideally suited to larger weddings. Its marquee can accommodate up to 350 people.

For many years, it has specialised in hosting Blessings such as Asian or Jewish ceremonies and are familiar with Mandaps and the Sacred Havan fire.

They also only offer one wedding each weekend so couples like to host multiple events such as a Mendhi party or separate the Civil Ceremony and Blessing over 2 days.

We feel this venue offers an exclusive feel in an elegant setting.

Why Field Gate Wedding Flowers at this Oxfordshire venue?

Handling a large wedding needs a good solid team and great creativity. Flexibility is vital as sometimes the Mandap may need to be decorated as the sun comes up in time for the service. It may be that decorations need to be moved from one area to another. We are happy to supply an onsite team to make all this happen – talk to us.

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