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Lush greenery and neutrals are a wedding flowers trend that’s set to stay. From cascading ivy to a gorgeous Japanese Cherry Blossom centrepiece right in the middle of the ceremony. Whether you’re opting for a sleek outdoor wedding or looking to bring the outside in, you can use ornamental trees to create the perfect royal-inspired wedding.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Turn your indoor wedding into a garden oasis for the ultimate celebration with some strategically placed trees. Trees add depth and height to a wedding, a space that otherwise wouldn’t be filled. Soften corners, add tree-like centrepieces and bring your dream wedding into fruition.

  1. Add a show-stopper to your ceremony

If you truly want to wow your guests, get creative and add a show-stopper to your ceremony. Always think about the size before making a final decision. An 8ft tall tree may sound big but may get lost in a huge ballroom-style venue. Creating a gorgeous, natural backdrop for your vows will make for stunning photos and your guests are sure to love the photo opportunity. An ornamental tree is sure to add a unique touch to your wedding. Think the humble and reserved field maple (Acer campestre) or native Hornbeams (Carpinus betulus).

  1. Define the entrance

Make the entrance to your venue really stand out by framing the entrance with beautiful ornamental trees or hedging. Consider the royal purple foliage of Purple Smoke Bush (Cotinus coggygria Purpurea) for a dramatic entrance. With lush greenery and tiered topiary or even towering trees, your wedding entrance is sure to be memorable. If you’re planning an outside wedding, use trees for your marquee entrance as well as garlands to lead guests in.

Purple Smoke Bush

  1. Use them as centrepieces

Whether you’re planning a big wedding or more intimate gathering, using trees as centrepieces is a great way to add natural materials and colours into the venue. You can go as small or large as you think is suitable for your tables. Greenery goes well with an off-white tablecloth and allows for flexibility within the colour scheme. Combine decorative pots and vases that compliment the wedding scheme for the centrepieces.

If you’re looking for a traditional option, topiaries made from ivy or boxwood are a great idea. However, topiaries can also be sculpted from olive trees or fresh rosemary, if you want something a little different. This one is perfect for the earthy bride, creating a friendly and welcoming space for guests.

  1. Guide the bride down the aisle in style

Inspired by the royal wedding, walking down an avenue of trees and flowers makes for a dream wedding. Whether you’re planning a church wedding, outside or even at a hotel, lining the aisle with trees can transform the day. Leave your guests stunned by a beautiful tree-lined aisle. Whether you use tall, flowering trees or much simpler, smaller potted plants, this style isn’t going anywhere soon.

  1. Cover up unsightly essentials

With all weddings comes the problem of covering up technical details such as speakers, cables, tent poles or supporting beams. These essential items are usually unsightly so finding creative ways to cover them up without distracting from the venue decoration is key. Using trees or even climbing plants such as Wisteria on the sides of band stage will help to soften the look of the equipment and speakers. Get creative and use tall climbers and natural elements to cover tent poles or beams. By camouflaging the unsightly parts with trees, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference.


  1. Create an intimate space

Placing trees around the venue will help to define and create a more intimate space for guests. Place trees around the perimeter of the room, they’ll soften the area and take the eye away from harsh angles and walls. As well as using trees to make a welcoming, more intimate space they are also great at defining an area. In large venues, using trees to define the dance floor is a gentle way to direct guests without using harsh lines or decoration.

Ornamental trees can create a magical atmosphere, using two rows of trees between a long dinner table makes for a wonderful evening. Depending on what you want to focus on, trees will help direct your guests.

Bringing nature and greenery inside a venue creates a gorgeous display for your guests that is sure to make your venue stand out. Tie in elements of greenery from your venue into the whole of your day by picking up colours in your bridesmaids’ attire. Whether you’re having a sleek and classic wedding with defined lines and shapes or prefer boho chic style, trees have the power to transform a wedding.

Julien de Bosdari is the owner of Ashridge Trees, a nursery that provides a range of ornamental trees, hedging and climbers to suit a variety of occasions.

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  1. I’d follow these trends any time to be honest. The purple smoke bush is a real Midsummer’s Dream! You supply flowers for Milton Keynes weddings I hope? How do I get in touch?

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