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Here at Field Gate Flowers we love nothing more than a blank canvas to work with. This week I was really excited to visit a farm near Daventry that are planning to convert a metal barn into a wedding venue. If you visited this venue today, you would need a bucket full of imagination. Roll forward one year and imagine the landscaped lake with beautiful flower borders and the barn done out in a contemporary feel. The farmer and his wife are getting married there themselves in July and we can’t wait to provide all the flowers. We are also involved in planting out the lake so that’s really exciting too.

So back to a blank canvas and how to handle it. This takes me back to my event management days when all we wanted was a space we could use and decorate for our clients. A blank canvas in terms of weddings to us is a marquee, barn, or an industrial building. There certainly seems to be a trend to find that venue which is different -the wow factor.

The lovely thing about a blank canvas is that it you can create anything from romantic to vintage or contemporary to boho

Here are some ideas for floral installations – honestly, they are only limited by imagination.

  • We love wedding flower hoops. There is something special about decorating hoops with foliage and flowers and hanging at different heights from the roof of a marquee or barn. This helps bring the ceiling down and create a more intimate space.
  • Decorated ladders. These work well above long trestle tables or over the top table.
  • Trees. These are in vogue and we love them. The beauty is you can plant these in your garden and have them as a reminder of your day
  • Using elevated scaffolding boards across long trestle tables as a platform. Foliage can then be laid underneath with floral decorations in vases/jars across the platform
  • Using green foliage around the join of the marquee with the roof – lovely.
  • Branches and using these across the top of the marquee with hanging jars and bottles.
  • Flower balls or structures hanging from the ceiling. We will be doing this with geometric copper shades this year.

wedding flower hoops inspiration from british flower grower Field Gate Flowers

So, if you would love some inspiration do come and talk to us. We look forward to meeting you and we will certainly be full of enthusiasm and excitement.

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