Top 20 Perennials with Roz Chandler

Have you ever wondered about the top perennials to add to your cutting garden? Well in today's episode I'm going to be sharing with you all my top twenty cutting flowers.
It's important to provide a range of cutting flowers in your patch – in colour, in texture and in season.

We hope you enjoy growing them in your cutting patch.

Key points from todays episode include:

  • Top 20 perennials to have in the garden. 
  • Dazzling daisies and pincushions. 
  • Achillea, scabies, crocosmia Lucifer.
  • Smile daisies, scabies and achillea. 
  • Crocodia lucifer, crocosmia lucifer and crocosma Lucifer. 
  • Hellebores are great for cutting from late summer onwards. 
  • Garden systems and hellebores.
  • Pianists, a heritage plant that can last between 50 and 75 years. 
  • Delphiniums are one of my favourites.
  • Delphiniums, vajas and penstemon. 
  • Equinox globe thistle is stunning. 
  •  Verbena Bobina. 
  • Verbena bobina, verbena and verbena roses. 
  • Aka panthers, helenium and granny's bonnets.

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