Estimates are given in good faith and can only be used as a guide to budgeting. Market prices for flowers and foliage’s do fluctuate if it necessary for us to purchase these from other suppliers and the final invoice may vary as a result.  Staff costs will depend on the final order.

Our minimum spend for the bespoke wedding flowers service is £1200.00 for weddings from April through to November. 

Our click and collect service has a minimum spend of £400.00

The flower order can be amended by you up to 6 months before the date of the wedding, subject to a corresponding amendment to the quote if required.  Any reduction in the order must not fall below our minimum spend or reduce the original order by more than 20%.  In these circumstances we would deem the cancelled items to fall within our cancellation policy and would be subject to charge as per the policy below.

Cancellation of the Field Gate Flowers service must be notified as soon as reasonably possible. Any deposit paid will be retained regardless of the circumstances of the cancellation. We must receive full payment 6 weeks before the event. If you cancel your event within this time, after we have received payment from you, we will be unable to offer a refund, and will retain the full amount. Please see below for following timescales and refund amounts:

  • 9 months or more before event date: Deposit retained; no further payment required
  • 6-8 months before the event date: Deposit retained, and an admin fee of £150 required
  • 1-5 months before the event date: Deposit retained, and 50% of final amount payable
  • Less than 1 month- up to event date: Deposit retained, and full amount payable

FGF reserves the right to substitute appropriate flowers where any part of the flower order becomes unobtainable (such judgement to be at FGF s reasonable discretion), due to factors beyond FGF’s control, such as weather conditions or availability.

FGF accept no responsibility for any damage caused by flames or lit candles at an event once we have left the site.  Whilst FGF provide candles and candle vessels, it is usually the caterer and/ or venue staff that light them and we will not therefore be held accountable for any damage caused by them. 

FGF accept no responsibility for failure to collect, wear or use any arrangements for specific use by the bridal party, ie buttonholes or bouquets, once they have been left by our team at the relevant- and pre-agreed- venue.  Any oversight to correctly collect and, for example, pin on buttonholes on behalf of the wedding party as a whole, or by an individual, remains the responsibility of said wedding party and/ or individual.

A non-refundable deposit of £300.00 is required to secure the booking, for weddings over £2000 we require a 20% deposit; the balance of the payment must be made in full 4 weeks prior to the event.  FGF reserves the right to withhold goods unless full payment is received prior to the event. Payment of the deposit means that you accept our terms and conditions.

Any claims are to be made within 24 hours.  Failure to notify FGF of any claim will be deemed as acceptance of the flower order. Any liability is up to the cost of the contract only.

Whilst we agree to use our reasonable endeavours to ensure that the FGF service is fully operational and error-free we cannot guarantee this. Acts of God, sudden ill health and adverse weather conditions may affect our ability to deliver the product or service. However, in cases of adverse weather we will remain in contact with the event commissioner in the lead up to the event and we will discuss a contingency plan with the event commissioner. We have contingency plans for such occasions of sudden ill health. Ultimately, we can accept no responsibility for Acts of God, sudden ill health or adverse weather conditions and if we are prevented from providing the FGF service or product as agreed, then we can only offer a refund of full monies paid.  

If it is agreed that containers are to be hired from us, the hire cost will be shown in our costings. All containers must be returned to FGF within 5 days of the event.  FGF reserves the right to ask for an additional deposit on hired items which is fully refundable subject to all hired items being returned to our address within the given time and in good condition.  FGF also reserves the right to invoice additional costs incurred for collection if the hired items are not returned within 5 days of the event.    Final payment of outstanding charges must be made within 7 days.

Covid terms and conditions – additional as of 11/10/2020

We are in the middle of an unprecedented worldwide pandemic. It is such a terrible thing to have waited for your perfect day for it to be snatched away. We understand the need to be as flexible as we can in these testing times but also need to ensure we preserve our business so that we can serve you in the future.

All our 2020 weddings have been moved to 2021 with no charge. 

Of course, there is a huge loss to the business as our flowers were grown to supply weddings, but we have accepted this.

We will need to re-quote all 2020 weddings because these quotes were given some time ago now – some in 2018 and 2019. All quotes will be honoured if these have been provided less than one year before the wedding date.

We also need to bear in mind of course your requirements may have changed due to a change in season of the wedding.

All 2020 and 2021 weddings may now need to do one of the following: –

  1. Go ahead but be smaller in size. Our minimum spend of £1200.00 is still in place as per. our terms and conditions.
  2. The need to reschedule to another date. In this instance we would move the date for the first time with no fee but a second time would incur an administration fee of £150.00
  3. The need to cancel completely. In this instance we will retain your non-refundable deposit.

We truly hope that by Mid 2021 we will be returning to some normality.