DIY Bucket of Blooms


Buckets of beautiful blooms are available for collection from the farm gate. These include a minimum of 45 stems and there will also be a mixture of focal flowers, smaller blooms, and foliage. Flowers are of course seasonal and picked and conditioned from the flower farm no more than 24 hours before collection. Blooms will always be fresh, beautiful, and conditioned ready to use. All you need to do is arrange them. This will make 2 large arrangements or 3 smaller ones.

  • positive review  Thank you for the beautiful flowers. We got three big vases (only two photos though!) out of our bucket. Collection was effortless whilst social distancing. Thank you Roz x

    Sarah Heywood
  • positive review  I've just collected a beautiful bucket of flowers from Roz for my mum's birthday. Both my mum and I are blown away by the quality of the flowers and they are so different too. To have supported a local business during these times is an added bonus. Thanks so much Roz x

    Kerry 'Ruse' Shephard
  • positive review  Collected a DIY bucket this morning of beautiful flowers
    An ample amount to split between two households
    Thank you so much for the friendly service

    Kim Wilton-Woodhouse
  • positive review  Can highly recommend Roz as just collected my bucket of gorgeous Spring flowers and made 3 vases! The colours are simply stunning and compliment each other + the smell is divine as has rosemary, mint along with the delicate powdered fragrant roses. Excellent value at £35 Happy happy happy ❤ #supportlocalbusinesses

    Mary Webster