How to choose a wedding florist

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Roz Chandler of Field Gate Flowers provides her hints and tips on choosing a wedding florist. Choosing a wedding florist is one of the most important partners to get right on your wedding day. You need to feel comfortable they understand you and what you are trying to achieve. Looking at their websites, blogs and social channels will give you a good feel for their style. Here at Field Gate Flowers we would say our style is seasonal, natural and wild romantic. Other florists would be more structured and formal.

    1. Recommendations and Referrals

      Do ask around for referrals. A well-known reputable florist will have a good reputation.
      Do ask to see a portfolio? Look at reviews and ask for references if you would like these from previous brides? We would always recommend brides to review all social platforms and follow any florists they particularly like.
      Browse our wedding theme gallery below.

    2. Ask your florist about whether they have worked at your venue/church before?

      This isn’t vital if you feel that the florist understands your requirements. If the venue is one they haven’t worked with they may offer a site visit. Here at Field Gate Flowers, we would visit a new venue or ask for copious photos. Visiting a venue with your florist is a good idea as they can offer new ideas and suggestions.

    3. Are your blooms seasonal?

      Here at Field Gate all our flowers are seasonal as we are British flower growers. Do bear seasonality in mind. Its lovely to be able to see your flowers around on each anniversary and know they are available. From a budget point of view flowers in season are more cost effective – peonies and roses for instance out of season travel across the globe.

    4. What the process is with regards to further meetings, site visits etc?

      Discuss this with your florist. They should have a set of terms and conditions and a deposit schedule.
      It’s a good idea especially if you book your florist over a year before your wedding to arrange another face to face meeting to fine tune all the detail

    5. How many weddings will they be handling on your wedding day?

      This is vital. Your wedding day is your day. If you have booked your florist to install all the blooms at the church, venue and deliver bouquets – then ultimately you want them to just be doing you wedding. Choose a florist that is dedicated to you.

    6. Will they install everything at the venue and collect all hired vessels the next day?

      Discuss this with your florist. Do you really want to return everything that you have hired the next day -pedestals, vases and even a beautiful arch?

    7. Can you take the flowers home or offer these to your guests?

      This needs to be discussed with your florist. If you would like your guests to take the table centres home, then the florist can arrange in such a way to make this possible – perhaps asking you to supply the vessels for the centre pieces making this easier.

    8. Can I move flowers around the venue?

      Do chat this over with you florist as they will know the best way to do this. For instance, the registrar’s arrangement can be moved to the top table but if your top table is round the arrangement should be made to be the same from all angles.


Field Gate Flowers is a British flower grower and artisan florist working across Herts, Beds, Northants and Oxon.

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  1. Soooo excited! Having sorted out everything except for the flowers, I was lucky enough to be recommended Roz and her team! WOW! What a fantastic service I have received, so attentive and know exactly what look I’m trying to achieve. Thanks Roz, your a star!


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