Floristry - the easy and fun way

Learn how to make beautiful arrangements and bouquets in five weeks

Field Gate Flowers have been flower farming and florists for ten years. We would love you to join us on our short, accelerated course over five weeks  to learn the basics of floristry. We are passionate in helping others to grow their own cutting flowers and use them in arrangements, bouquets and wreaths.

Whether you want to acquire these skills as you start your flower farming journey or you would like to learn for pleasure – you are in the right place.

Our course includes the following:

 - Learning over five weeks everything you need to know for arranging your beautiful British blooms, including how to:

 - arrange your beautiful flowers in different vessels
 - making a hand tied bouquet
 - seasonal wreath - all the rage now to adorn the front door. Not just for Christmas
 - dried flowers - lets get working with these beauties
 - flower crowns - more than for wedding

 - plain-language explanations to take you on a floristry journey

 - newfound confidence in your floral abilities

 - skills you can enjoy for the rest of your life!

When do we start?

We’ll start together on the June 22nd online and runs weekly for five weeks on Tuesdays with one Wednesday.

All sessions are recorded and available to you if you miss them so don’t worry.


What are the modules?

Our informative, jammed packed and fun workshops with plenty of time for questions and answers are as follows: -

Workshop 1

We promise no jargon and an easy-to-follow workshop on arranging beautiful blooms in different vessels. The recording of the class will be available for you to view later – step by step whilst you have a go. What fun!

Workshop 2

Dried flowers leave you cold. Let us help you work with the new trend that is sweeping the UK.  These skills will be with you for a lifetime.

Workshop 3

Flower Crowns. Not just for weddings. We will teach you all the skills you need to create flower crowns for any occasion.

Workshop 4

Wreaths – Not just for Christmas. Seasonal wreaths are now a thing and we want to teach you how to do these ethically and using biodegradable material.

Workshop 5

Beautiful bouquets. This evening we will teach you how to arrange beautiful flowers. The lesson will cover easy steps to flower arranging. Nothing is better than bringing your own beautiful blooms indoors - the scent, and the wonderful achievement of having grown them yourself will delight you for hours.


Fabulous Floristy For You - the easy way is five weeks of learning together. The value you get is tremendous!

You’ll get all this for your investment of £127.00

Be quick! Doors close on 7th June


Here what clients have to say about Field Gate Flowers...

I can't believe that this next week will mark our 5th week of the course. I am having a blast and feel refreshed with all my new knowledge. I am loving putting it into practice too. I had a bit of catching up to do from the last week so I have enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon getting up to speed and continuing my journal which I am finding so useful to ensure I capture every top tip. I keep saying it but Thanks Roz Chandler and Emmab Thomas for an amazing course so far. I found Ben's chat yesterday so inspirational and in recent weeks I have got quite obsessed with sustainability, something I would deem of key importance when I start my own business. I wondered if we could get a podcast/session or talk from someone who can tell us more about why imported flowers are so bad for the planet and how it is impacting villages etc. I would just love to be loaded with more understanding on this as I think this would help to educate people and potential future customers on why buying British is best. I have done lots of reading on it but loved Ben's knowledge and infectious attitude towards it yesterday and would love to hear from someone that knows more. Not sure if this is possible. Lucy Elizabeth
I just wanted to thank you so much for putting on this course only just started and I've already learnt so much David was brilliant last night looking forward to the rest of the course and yes we have started lambing at last. Many thanks once again to you all. Liz Reynolds
Just thought I would thank you for the card and kind thoughts. The course is great. Kim Vaux
Thanks for the podcast inforrmation regaurding the book. Just seen a video you posted yesterday on your beautiful flowers, looks great. Really enjoying the course! Diane

Introducing Lucie Smith

Lucie has been a florist for over 13 years and has a level 4 qualification in floristry from the University of Essex.

She currently freelances all over Herts, Beds and Bucks with her forte being natural, largescale weddings utilising British blooms.

Lucie has had experience working in many sectors of the flower industry including retail, wedding and events, 5 star luxury hotels, running workshops and tuition, and  styling and interior landscaping. Lucie’s experience is mainly London based before locating in Hertfordshire.

Lucie has a business called Rooted Wild where she runs creative workshops where different flower arrangements are demonstrated and focuses on connection through nature using meditation and other mindful techniques.

Lucie has always had a passion for using British grown flowers in her work. She believes   the UK has an incredible amount to offer when it comes to cut flowers and she loves how the colours and textures change throughout the seasons. Above everything she adores the scent they provide and the natural arrangements that can be made from working with them.

Lucie has recently started to grow my own flowers on a small scale and support flower farmers whenever she can.

Lucie has a beautiful natural charm and Field Gate Flowers are proud to be collaborating with Lucie.

And the person behind it all, Roz Chandler

Roz Chandler together with her team in Lathbury, Milton Keynes (the home of roundabouts and concrete cows) is passionate about growing, harvesting, and arranging seasonally grown British blooms. Field Gate Flowers established for nearly ten years is a thriving flower farm.

As a child Roz loved nothing more than messing around outdoors. Her favourite memories were on a school French exchange on a farm in France This was a long way from the New Town of Hemel Hempstead that Roz grew up in.

The outdoors featured highly in Roz’s early years, and then she went to Plymouth Polytechnic (those A levels were never going to get her into medical school) to study Environmental Science. Her thesis was on the carcinogenic effects of nitrates from fertilisers in water. A lot of dark winters evening were spent collecting samples in the River Lea. (felt very radical back then).

Nearly 10 years ago Roz purchased a rather sad looking barn with five acres of land and so the dream begun. Roz was a novice and certainly had not come from a background of horticulture.

Roz is passionate about reducing the number of imported flowers coming into the UK. The Dutch government heavily invested in the 1970s and Holland became the hub of European flowers – flowers coming in from Africa and further afield to adorn our supermarket shelves.

When not in the fields, Roz loves having adventures. A keen cyclist she always takes on at least one charity ride a year in far flung places, the most recent have been India, Madagascar, Morocco (those Atlas Mountains) and Vietnam.

On her bucket list is the dream to cycle all the Greek islands over 6 months with just a bike and a friend for charity. What could possibly go wrong?

Roz has two daughters, a husband, 7 pigs, two goats, 5 chickens, a dog and a recently added kitten. What next?

Roz’s dream is to encourage more people to grow, harvest and arrange seasonal flowers.

She truly hopes you will join her on this journey.

Please read the terms and conditions for this course here.