Cut Flower Farming Podcast

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I’m Roz Chandler and I help everyone to grow cut flowers and flower farmers to succeed in business.

Why listen to Roz?

Roz has run her own successful cut flower farm for nearly ten years and is delighted to share her hints and tips with you.
This podcast is for ambitious flower farmers wishing to grow their businesses. The host Roz Chandler has been a cut flower farmer for 10 years and has had a career in Sales and Marketing for 30 years, owed a digital marketing agency for 13 years, and worked as an interim Marketing Director in businesses across the UK, Today she is a Non-Executive for a leading agricultural buying group with a role as a Sales and Marketing strategist. Roz's passion is to work with flower farmers to grow their businesses.

This podcast will discuss the following topics:-

  • Business systems and growth for your cutting flowers
  • Upscaling a cut flower farm to increase profits
  • Marketing and Sales hints and tints for a flower farmer.
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Join Roz Chandler and her expert of panel guests on your flower journey.