51: Part 2: From Seed to Success: A Blossoming Flower Farming Journey with Amanda Powell

Its time for Part 2, with  Roz and Amanda Powell. They continue their conversation about flower farming. They delve into essential recommendations for flower farmers, emphasising the importance of pricing confidently and not undervaluing your products. They encourage growers to be kind to themselves, embrace their unique blooms, and focus on intentional growing. The hosts also share insights on achieving … Read More

49: Blooming Pages: Roz’s Top Book Recommendations

In this episode, Roz shares her top book recommendations that delve into the world of flowers, gardening, and the floral industry. From promoting mental well-being in the garden to exploring the journey of cut flowers, Roz's selections cover a range of topics that flower enthusiasts will find both insightful and enjoyable. Key Titles Include: The RHS Your Well Being Garden: … Read More

Gardening for Wellbeing with Ellen Mary Webster

Welcome to another episode of The Cutflower Podcast, where we delve into the world of gardening and its profound impact on our wellbeing. In this episode, Roz and Ellen share their profound appreciation for nature and the inspiration it brings to their lives. Ellen, an avid gardener, emphasizes the importance of recognising that we are inherently a part of nature. … Read More

47: Getting Your Garden Autumn-Ready – with Roz Chandler

Welcome back, flower enthusiasts! In this solo episode, Roz delves into the essential autumn tasks to keep your garden thriving. As the summer blooms fade, it's time to prepare for the winter ahead. Join Roz as she shares her expert tips for a flourishing garden come spring. Here are the key points covered in today's episode: Dividing Perennials: Discover why … Read More

46: Blooms, Dreams, and Yorkshire Gardens with Sasha York

In this weeks episode, Roz is joined in the studio  by Sasha York. Sasha is an avid gardener and flower enthusiast. She started her gardening journey during lockdown to help others cope with the lack of outdoor space, sharing 10-minute tutorials and later live sessions on Instagram. Todays conversation delves into the world of flowers, gardens, and the passion that … Read More