British Wedding Flowers

ritish wedding flowers

What a wonderful time we are having with this warm and sunny weather! At Field Gate Flowers it is especially exciting as early Spring heralds the real start of our british wedding flowers season.

During the deep winter months our floral displays use lots of foliage accented with flowers such as anemones and alstromeria. Even in snowy and frosty conditions we have flowers! But now is the time when our British flowers truly start to spring to life. And with many brightly coloured species like narcissus and hyacinths they really brighten our flower beds. This year trees and shrubs are already showing early hints of green leaves. It is very uplifting for us as we focus on planting for our summer season.

It is also heartening to see so many British grown flowers available on the High Street at this time of year. Daffodils and narcissus are quite widely grown in the UK. Doesn’t everybody love bringing these home? After taking down Christmas decorations we think every home is ready for some spring flowers to cheer our days.

Did you know that most of the time the most widely available cut flowers are imported? Roses from Africa and many flower varieties from the Netherlands, one of the main flower supply sources for the UK. What a shame when we have so much to offer from our home soils. Our climate may not be perfect, but with planned planting and added protection from poly tunnels we are very proud of our year round British flower crops.

If you are keen to buy British take a look at our calendar of the flowers typically available through our growing season. Over the coming weeks and months we will share special features on some of our favourite varieties.

British wedding flowers

What makes British grown flowers so special?

Seasonal Our flower season is naturally aligned with our British climate. Over the years we have cultivated many new varieties but quintessentially British blooms remain our favourites at Field Gate Flowers. Roses, Stocks, Dahlias, Lavender to name a few.

Fragrant We love to walk into a church or wedding venue and breathe in the heady scent of our floral arrangements. It is not just all about the colours and look with our flowers, it is about fragrance too. You really can’t beat the scent of British grown flowers.

Fresh  Our flowers haven’t travelled. They are freshly picked, usually the day before, but sometimes even on the morning of your wedding. We think there is something extra special about that. Your wedding flowers picked especially for you. And if you prefer a wilder look then we will often forage our hedgerows and meadows too. All very eco friendly!

Personal Just like recent Royal weddings you can personalise your bouquet with British flowers. Maybe you remember flowers from your childhood garden. Perhaps you grow your favourite flowers yourself but not enough for your wedding. Let us know which flowers are meaningful to you. Even for weddings this summer we still have time to grow some more.

Back to seed sowing for us now but do watch this space to hear more about our growing season and British wedding flowers. Get in touch to arrange a visit to our workshop and learn more about our British grown blooms if you are interested for your special day.

Image used in calendar background courtesy of Debbie McGregor Photography.

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