BONUS: Unlocking the Business of Flower Farming: Expert Tips from Roz Chandler

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Hello, and welcome to a rather special episode of our podcast! I’m Roz Chandler, and today I'm diving into a variety of questions posed by members of the Cut Flower Farming Growth and Profit Facebook group. We're here to address your biggest challenges and provide insights to help you grow and profit in your flower farming business.

Summary: In this episode, I tackle a wide range of topics from pricing strategies to scaling your business, and from choosing the right flowers to dealing with market competition. Whether you're a seasoned flower farmer or just starting out, there’s something here for everyone. We explore practical advice and tips on managing costs, optimising flower selection, and enhancing your business strategy to ensure profitability and growth.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Effective Pricing Strategies: Understand your costs and value. Pricing isn’t just about covering costs but also about reflecting the value you offer to your customers.
  2. Growing and Scaling Up: Focus on your market, choose high-yield and profitable crops, and plan your growing season to maximise productivity.
  3. Community and Collaboration: Learn from others, work with local florists, and consider cooperative systems to share resources and market space.
  4. Time Management: Balance working on your business versus in your business by using time blocking and seeking help during peak seasons.
  5. Choosing the Right Flowers: Opt for

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