A celebration with British spring flowers

british spring flowers

A celebration with British spring flowers? Well, we regularly feature weddings on our blog because we love them so much, but today we’re sharing something different. We often get asked to provide floral decorations for birthday celebrations and other special occasions. This is a luxury choice so we always know somebody involved simply adores flowers! And on this occasion the lady in question certainly wanted flowers to play a big part in her party. And not just on the day, she also wanted her guests to enjoy them afterwards by taking some home. How very lovely!

To make it easy to share the flowers amongst guests we arranged these blooms in recycled jam jars and small glass vases. Of course all the flowers are seasonal, scented and British grown. We mixed ranunculas with mint, white stocks, allium, ammi and sweet rocket. And TULIPS. Did you know tulips could be so stunning? There are so many different varieties and pretty colours. We especially like the ones with frilly edges – take a look, maybe you could grow some in your garden…

Do you like them? We find British spring flowers so uplifting. Even when the weather is dull they remind us that summer is on the way! If you are organising a party or other event and would like floral décor do get in touch. You can read more about our Events services here xx

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