69: Blossoming Ventures: Insights from Flower Farming Pioneers

Welcome to The Cutflower Podcast! Today,  Roz sits down with two flower farmers Emma Chalmers and Sian Westmancoat for an enlightening discussion on their journey in the industry.


1. Diverse Career Paths: Flower farming can complement existing careers, offering a fulfilling journey.
2. Botanical Diversity: Incorporating perennials and foliage enriches farms, reducing reliance on annuals.
3. Innovative Techniques: Poly tunnels extend growing seasons sustainably, optimising space.
4. Personal Passion: Childhood experiences often drive the decision to pursue flower farming, adding authenticity.
5. Sales Strategies: Diversifying sales channels, like weddings and workshops, maximises market reach.
6. Overcoming Challenges: Dealing with rejection and imposter syndrome is part of the journey; positive feedback fuels resilience.
7. Quality Assurance: Meeting customer expectations builds trust and loyalty.
8. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Passion, dedication, and adaptability are crucial for success.
9. Storytelling and Visibility: Sharing personal stories online fosters connections, driving business growth.

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