60: Planning Your Cutting Patch with Roz Chandler

Roz Chandler here! January vibes on planning your cutting patch. Don't miss our Feb 1st cut flower master classes on Facebook (Cut Flower Master Classes 2024).

Plot Planning Essentials:

  1. Purpose: Define goals – personal joy or potential flower farm?
  2. Space: Tailor plans to your available space.
  3. Layout: Separate flower areas for charm. Consider raised beds.
  4. Sunlight: 6-8 hours' exposure; windbreaks if needed.
  5. Soil: Test pH, add compost. Go eco-friendly, avoid herbicides.
  6. Watering: Plan irrigation; rainwater harvesting is a plus.
  7. Germination: Choose a suitable space; care as seedlings grow.

Tips for Success):

  • Successional planting keeps blooms coming.
  • Variety is key – perennials, biennials, herbs.
  • Mind spacing, stake tall plants, embrace mulching.
  • Manage pests with bio-controls, clean tools, and stay eco-friendly.
  • Enjoy the process; initial setbacks are part of learning.

Cheers to the journey! Embrace the learning curve, celebrate fresh blooms. Happy gardening!

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