52: Blooming Success: Unveiling the Floral World of Janne Ford – From Viral Reels to Creative Workshops

Welcome to The Cut Flower Podcast!

In this delightful episode, your host Roz engages in a captivating conversation with the talented Janne Ford. Join them as they dive into the world of cut flowers, social media, and the joys of creativity.

Roz and Janne share their insights into the dynamic realm of social media, discussing the unpredictability of content going viral and the importance of authenticity and consistency in the online space. Janne opens up about her journey, from her childhood dream job to her current passion for flowers and plans for the future.

Key Takeaways:

1. The Viral Journey: Discover the intriguing story behind Janne's viral social media moment, emphasizing the significance of choosing trending audio and the element of luck.
2. Creativity and Nature: Janne's inspiration drawn from nature highlights the importance of observing and emulating the beauty found in the outdoors, showcasing the charm of spiky flowers like foxgloves and the allure of David Austin roses.

3. Challenges and Imposter Syndrome: Gain insights into the challenges Janne faced during her career transition and her reflections on imposter syndrome, a common hurdle for those venturing into second careers.

4. Future Ventures: Explore Janne's exciting plans for 2024, including the establishment of a new studio space and the anticipation of running workshops, fostering a hub of creativity and collaboration.

Connect with Janne Ford:
If you're as captivated by Janne's flower-filled journey as we are, connect with her on Instagram @janneford (https://www.instagram.com/janneford/) and stay tuned for updates on her upcoming workshops and creative ventures.

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