5: Therapeutic Gardens with Bethany Harries

Joining Roz in the studio today is Bethany Harries.

Bethany was originally a personal trainer, and decided she needed a career change, suffering mental and physical burnt out and exhaustion.  She was always interested in public health and health promotion. So after doing a bit of Career Research Bethany decided that she wanted to become a health psychologist. So she enrolled on to a psychology degree with the Open University, and then after that, went and did her master's in health psychology, and now she is on to the PhD, which is the final stage to becoming a fully qualified health psychologists.

Key points Roz and Bethany discuss today include: 

  • Bethany’s journey and where she is today. 
  • Therapeutic gardens in the mainstream. 
  • How do people sign up for the survey? 
  • Will you publish anything along the way? 
  • Gardening as a way to relax. 
  • What’s the future of green prescribing? 
  • Gardening can be adapted to so many different needs. 
  • What’s your ideal job? 

Bethany Harries Resource Links:

  • Instagram: @sustainably_healthy_
  • Twitter: @BethanyHarries
  • Linkedin: (16) Bethany Harries | LinkedIn
  • Website: Bethany Harries | University of Surrey

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