46: Blooms, Dreams, and Yorkshire Gardens with Sasha York

In this weeks episode, Roz is joined in the studio  by Sasha York. Sasha is an avid gardener and flower enthusiast. She started her gardening journey during lockdown to help others cope with the lack of outdoor space, sharing 10-minute tutorials and later live sessions on Instagram.

Todays conversation delves into the world of flowers, gardens, and the passion that drives it all. Roz and Sahsa are sharing their insights and experiences on various flowers, gardening techniques, and the joy of cultivating blooms. Roz, and Sasha explore their thoughts on the top flowers to grow, their personal journeys in the world of gardening, and Sasha's exciting venture in Yorkshire.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Joy of Gardening:  It is important to choose varieties that thrive in their specific environments and how these blooms add character and colour to their spaces. 
  • Top 5 Flowers for Beginners: Lavender, Cosmos, Amaranth, Sweet Peas, Sweet Williams. These are versatile, beautiful, and relatively easy to grow for aspiring gardeners.
  • Direct Sowing: Sasha and Roz emphasise the value of direct sowing for certain plants, highlighting the benefits of letting nature take its course.
  • From Dreams to Blooms – A Journey in Gardening: Sasha shares her journey from childhood dreams of being an MI5 agent to her current role as a landscape garden designer. She describes the transformative power of gardens and how they've been a source of inspiration and solace for her. Roz Chandler reflects on her experiences as a flower farmer and the unexpected pleasures that come from connecting with fellow garden enthusiasts. 
  • Future Endeavours in Yorkshire
    Sasha shares her plans for the future, focusing on the development of 'Monthly Stables and Walled Garden' in Yorkshire. She envisions a space for therapeutic gardening, workshops, and events. Roz also discusses her flower farming endeavours and the importance of considering market demand in flower selection. 

Sasha York Resource Links:

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