44: Inspiring Gardens and Green Therapies with Dr Richard Claxton

Welcome to this insightful episode of The Cutflower Podcast. Today, we're joined by Richard Claxton, a dedicated Trustee of the Greenfingers Charity, and your host, Roz Chandler. Together, we'll embark on a journey to discover the profound influence of gardens in children's hospices and delve into the wide-reaching advantages of green therapies. Let's dive in!

key takeaways:

1. Greenfingers Charity's Mission: The Greenfingers Charity is committed to funding and creating gardens in children's hospices across the UK. This initiative aims to provide a peaceful and therapeutic environment for children, their families, and staff.

2. Holistic Approach to Garden Design: Richard Claxton emphasizes the importance of considering the diverse needs of individuals using these gardens, including children with varying abilities, their families, and healthcare professionals. The gardens serve as a respite for everyone involved.

3. Benefits Beyond Physical Health: Beyond the obvious physical health benefits, these gardens offer a space for emotional and mental well-being. They provide solace, tranquility, and a sense of normalcy, which can be invaluable in challenging times.

4. Community and Cohesion: Green spaces in healthcare settings foster a sense of community and cohesion. They bring people together, creating a supportive network that extends beyond the immediate healthcare environment.

5. Economic Benefits of Green Therapies: There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of investing in gardens and green therapies. Reduced healthcare costs and improved well-being contribute to a substantial return on investment.

6. The Vision for the Future: The ultimate goal is to have gardens in every hospice in the UK, ensuring that every child has access to this invaluable resource. This vision extends to broader implementation of green therapies in healthcare and community settings.

7. Opportunities for Volunteering: Richard Claxton's passion for this cause is infectious, inspiring potential volunteers to get involved. Whether through teaching, designing, or fundraising, there are numerous ways to contribute to this vital mission.

8. Upcoming Events: Keep an eye out for the conference on October 9th, a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the transformative power of gardens and green therapies.

Remember, each small effort contributes to a greater impact. Get involved and be a part of this incredible journey towards a healthier, more connected community.

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