38: Exploring Hardy Annuals: Seasonal Flower Growing Tips with Roz Chandler

Welcome to The Cutflower Podcast, In this solo session with Roz Chandler, we're diving into the world of hardy annuals. Roz explains the distinction between hardy and half-hardy annuals – hardy ones can endure winter frost, while half-hardy varieties need protection from the cold. She suggests focusing on mid to late August for half-hardy annuals. At Filth Gate Flowers, they begin by sowing these in a tunnel and then transplant outside in September, allowing roots to establish before winter.

Covering different flower options, Roz shares her favorites: **Mevisto Naga**, a hardy filler with lovely seed heads; **Calendulas** like Indian Prince, Snow Princess, and Pink Surprise; the striking **Cornflowers** including Centaurea cyanus (blackball) and Blue Diadem; the intriguing **Daucus carota** (Dorcas Kurata) which is hardy biennial; and the elegant white lace **Orlaya grandiflora**. Some delicate hardy annuals like **Larkspur**, **Torenia Fournieri**, and **Californian Poppies** are best grown under cover for the winter.

Sweet peas also make an appearance! Roz advises starting them in November or December under cover or doing a spring sowing. Sweet peas might seem delicate, but they're actually hardy and can tolerate temperatures down to minus five. They can be sown in autumn, strengthened in spring, and sown again. Don't miss the episode where Roz chats with sweet pea expert Roger Parsons for more insights.

Roz emphasises the importance of planning your flower year, considering when to sow and whether to sow directly, under cover, or for spring. She teases the upcoming release of the 2024 Cut Flower Planter on Amazon. Your feedback is appreciated, so make sure to rate and review the podcast. Until next time, happy gardening and flower growing!

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