37: Nurturing Blooms and Bridging Generations with Hannah Benson

In this weeks episode, Roz and special guest Hannah Benson discuss Hannah's journey as a young flower farmer in Lincolnshire, UK. Hannah shares her background, defying the average age for flower farmers, and talks about her shift from vegetables to growing flowers.

She highlights the challenges of pricing and selling flowers in a competitive market, especially in Lincolnshire. Hannah manages her flower farm mostly on her own with occasional help from her dad and considers hiring additional assistance for administrative tasks and social media.

She discusses the potential of expanding her business and embracing new flower varieties to drive industry trends. The episode concludes with a focus on the importance of staying ahead of the market and maintaining relevance in the flower farming industry.

Key takeaways from today's podcast episode:

  • ¬†Hannah Benson, a young flower farmer in Lincolnshire, shares her journey in defying stereotypes and embracing flower farming at a non-average age.
  • Lincolnshire's ideal climate and soil conditions make it a prime spot for flower growing, but challenges persist in staying competitive amidst changing market trends.
  • Hannah manages her flower farm mostly on her own, highlighting the importance of finding a balance between driving the market and offering competitive prices.
  • The Countryfile experience brought visibility to Hannah's farm, but she remains committed to exploring new markets and embracing innovative flower varieties.
  • Growing a wide range of flowers, both annuals and perennials, Hannah focuses on staying ahead of the market and maintaining relevance in the ever-evolving flower farming industry.

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