35: Embracing Climate-Resilient Gardening: A Conversation with Sally Morgan

Hey there, fellow gardening enthusiasts! Welcome to another exciting episode where we're diving deep into the world of sustainable gardening. Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with the incredible Sally Morgan, a seasoned horticulturist and gardening guru. Sally will be sharing some valuable insights on how climate change is affecting our gardens and practical tips on how we can adapt to these changes. Whether you're a green-thumbed pro or just starting out, get ready for some fantastic advice!

Episode Highlights:

1. Climate Change and Our Gardens:

  • Sally breaks down how unpredictable weather patterns are impacting our gardens.
  • Let's discuss the challenges that climate change poses to our beloved plants.

2. Soil: The Secret to Garden Success:

  • Discover why healthy soil is the ultimate key to sustainable gardening.
  • Say goodbye to hard work with the no-dig approach to gardening.
  • ¬†Mulch, baby, mulch! Learn how this simple trick can save the day for your garden.

3. Smart Plant Choices for a Climate-Resilient Garden:

  • Sally shares tips on selecting plants that can thrive amidst climate changes.
  • Get local with your plant choices and rootstocks for a resilient garden.
  • Embrace the Mediterranean vibes with shade planting for a cooler garden.

4. Sustainable Garden Hacks:

  • Learn about rainwater harvesting and reducing water usage for a greener garden
  • Dive into the trend of perennial vegetables for a drought-ready garden.
  • Explore the exciting world of brownfield gardening and its benefits.

5. Inspiring Authors and Awesome Resources:

  • Sally recommends fantastic books for those interested in soil health and resilient gardening.
  • Discover authors like Michael Phillips and Elaine Ingham who are making waves in this field.

Thank you for joining us today! We're truly grateful to Sally Morgan for sharing her wealth of gardening wisdom. Don't forget to check out her fantastic books and keep an eye on her work. If you're hungry for more inspiring gardening and sustainable living content, hit that subscribe button and stay tuned for our next adventure in the world

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