32: Horatio’s Garden with Dr Olivia Chapple MRCGP

Joining Roz in the studio today is Dr Olivia Chapple MRCGP.

Olivia is the co-founder and chair of the trustees of Horatio’s Garden charity. Horatio was her eldest son.

Horatios garden is a national charity now, and our mission is to bring beautiful, vibrant gardens to all the UK, NHS spinal injury centres. So we build gardens, designed by incredible designers, and then once we've built them, we run them, we look after them, but we also run all sorts of different creative projects within them, so that patients who are facing life changing injuries, long stays in hospital, have somewhere to find purpose to find joy to have have a moment of sanctuary.

It's about improving people's mental health, their physical health, and supporting their families and friends as they're going through very, very difficult time.

Some of the key discussion points form today's episode:

  • Introducing Dr Olivia Chapple MRCGP
  • Where do you start? Where do you find space? 
  • How the charity has grown in the last three years. 
  • The impact of spinal injuries on the mental health of people. 
  • The importance of mental health and gardening. 
  • What inspires you to keep going? 
  • The power of distraction and creative activity. 
  • Gardening as a form of therapy. 

Horatio's Gardens:

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