29: Mike The Gardener Podcast, Gardening and Horticulture with Mike Palmer

This week on the show, Roz is joined by a very special guest – Mike Palmer, also known as Mike The Gardener. Mike's passion for gardening led him to study RHS 1,2,3 at Horticulture College as a mature student and start his own business in gardening and garden design. Unfortunately, the lockdowns put a halt to a lot of his work, but that's where Mike's journey with podcasting began. In this episode, Mike shares his experiences and insights on gardening, as well as his journey into podcasting.

Tune in to hearries and learn from a true expert in the field! fascinating stories and learn form a true expert in the field.

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A few of the discussion topics Roz and Mike cover in todays episode:

  • Mike’s journey and how he came to where he is today. 
  • Horticultural College at Kingston Maurward in Dorchester. 
  • Are you still gardening and garden designing as a job? 
  • What does an average day look like for you? 
  • Meeting some amazing people through podcasting. 
  • How to capture the sounds of your listeners’ gardens. 
  • Wildflowers, weeds, and weeds. 
  • How many books do you have on your bookcase? 
  • Mike’s plans for the future. 
  • What did you want to do as a child? 
  • Give something a go and see where it goes. 

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