26: Sustainable Floristry with Cissy Bullock

Welcome to this weeks episode of the Cutflower Podcast with your host Roz Chandler.

This week Roz is joined in the studio by the incredibly inspiring Cissy Bullock from the Sustainable School of Floristry.  Roz explore's Cissy's path to floristry and cut flowers and discusses what needs to be done to improve the whole;e supply chain to get the flowers from field to vase in a much more efficient, cost effective and sustainable way.

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Today Roz and Cissy will be discussing:

  • Sissy’s unconventional career path. 
  • How she got into the business of floral design.
  • What inspires Cissy now? 
  • Who wouldn’t want to go and cut flowers in an 18th century walled garden?
  • What’s happening in the food industry is mirroring the changes in other industries. 
  • What does an average day look like for you? 
  • Being a flower farmer is like renting a deck chair. 
  • How to get cut flowers in the hands of florists. 
  • What’s your genius idea for a bio-farmer hub?
  • How do you find your ideal customer? 
  • Listening to podcasts that are interesting. 
  • Are you watering your plants enough? 

Cissy Bullock Resources:

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