24: The Compost Club with Michael Kennard

Roz is joined in the studio this week by Michael Kennard.  Michael is the founder of Compost Club just outside Brighton.  Compost Club is a social enterprise, to regenerate soil with really good living, biologically abundant and diverse compost, using food waste from residents and businesses.

Key discussions points for today:

  • Introducing Michael Kennard founder of Compost Club  
  • The Women’s European Championship. 
  • What is the future of the garden? 
  • What is the compost club? Where is it? What is its aim? 
  • How to make a positive impact on the world. 
  • How do you make the compost? 
  • Composting is the best evidence that death is the source of life -. 
  • When you were born, how do you spell “environment”? 
  • Can people individually compost their own food waste and what can they do with it? 
  • How do we get involved? How do people get involved? 
  • How would you rate this summary?

Michaels Resource Links: 

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