2021 Wedding Flower Trends

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Promote Local

We’ve seen a huge increase in couples making a conscious choice to use locally grown and sourced flowers – and lots of them.

We believe people are becoming more conscious about air miles and wanting to support local businesses.
This was heightened of course in lockdown when flowers were not being flown into the UK.
A lot members of the organisation Flowers From The Farm noticed an increase in enquiries over this time.

I for one have supported local in lots of ways, food deliveries, farm shops and the wonderful ice cream from a local supplier.

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Back to Nature

As concerns for the environment have grown, we’ve witnessed a shift towards flowers that feel organic and are naturally styled. Wooden elements in design give the natural look the edge. If the rustic vibe isn’t for you, think marble and stone instead. We describe ourselves as elegant, romantic and natural in style.

Bringing the Outside In

We’re seeing more brides embracing the idea of bringing nature inside – think trees and large foliage rings. Utilising branches as arches is also on the rise – nothing better than blossom in Spring.

Move It

As well as going local, we’re also getting more requests for multi-use arrangements to create an eco-friendly wedding. For example, large urn arrangements at the altar can be taken to the reception venue and used to create a show-stopping look. We work with our brides to establish how arrangements can be repurposed and reused in different locations. We do offer a service to handle this if required.


Complementing all things natural, you can expect to see pared-down colour schemes with requests tending towards lighter shades with subtle colour variations, as well as well-known combinations. Natural tones will become more visible, with whites and greens dominating the wedding scene.

Centre of Attention

Table centrepieces are on the move. Gone are the days of guests not being able to see each other across the table – floral arrangements are staying low or going high – nothing in between. Couples will be looking for more off-table arrangements, such as floral sculptures and suspended installations to wow guests. There are lots of long wooden tables in 2021 and we can’t wait to get creative. We are working on planting wildflowers in terracotta pots to installing small raised platforms along the length of tables – think lots of foliage.

Bridal Buzzwords

The wedding floral buzzwords to look out for will be light, natural, romantic, delicate, and, of course, sustainable.


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