2: Floral Media More Than Just Flowers with Steve and Paula

Roz is joined in the studio this week by the incredible husband and wife team Steve and Paula from Floral Media, who describe their business as 'More Than Just Flowers'.

Floral Media's  heart is in horticulture, they also do events, where garden groups come on visits, and they take them on tours. They run about 15 acres in total now, so part of its garden, and part of its for growing. Included in the garden tours are workshops, and they also do lots of competitive stuff with the floral art and the floristry.

Key discussion points this week are: 

  • Introducing Steve and Paula. 
  • What’s going on in the world of seeds. 
  • How they came to work with flowers and how they work together. 
  • How they got started with no plan. 
  • What is your number one recommendation for landscaping? 
  • Florist’s need to be able to work with growers. 
  • If you want to disrupt the market, come and talk to me. 
  • Paula's biggest claim to fame.
  • What would you be doing if you weren’t growing flowers? 
  • All female, middle-aged change of careerlifers. 

Resource Links:

17th & 18th April 2-Part Master Class 8pm GMT – Growing Plants for Free – propagation, planning and potting on, you can sign up here > https://go.fieldgateflowers.co.uk/plantsforfree

24th April 8pm GMT – Why Grow cut Flowers, with David Bek and Dave Goulstone sign up here > https://go.fieldgateflowers.co.uk/environmentwebinar

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