14: The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) with Alistair Griffiths

In todays episode Roz is delighted to be speaking with Alistair Griffiths from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

Alistair Griffiths is the RHS, Director of Science, a fellow of the Institute of horticulture, and a board member of plant network. He heads up a team of scientists and has a desire to increase everybody's experience of gardening. Alistair wants to build a more resilient community whilst reducing the impact on our planet.

We are discussing:

  • Introducing Alistair Griffiths. 
  • How he got started in horticulture. 
  • Horticulture as a career for women. 
  • The social health of allotments is more important than physical health. 
  • The importance of getting the message out there about cut flowers. 
  • When you’re gardening, you are in the present. 
  • The colour picker is an experiment. 
  • The power of daffodils in the UK –. 
  • How simple contemplation in nature helps us to rest and recharge our brains. 
  • Fractals are patterns that are repetitive patterns. 
  • Gardening should be socially prescribed, but it’s not. 
  • The power of having a purpose in nature.

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The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is the UK's leading gardening charity dedicated to advancing horticulture and promoting good gardening. Anyone with an interest in gardening can enjoy the benefits of  RHS Membership and help us to secure a healthy future for gardening.

For more information call: 0845 130 4646, or visit http://www.rhs.org.uk

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