10: Tulips with Emily Von Trapp

Today I'd like to welcome Emily Von Trapp. Besides having the most amazing name in the entire planet. I met Emily when I went to the US in August to the association of specially cut flower growers, and Emily presented on tulips and tulip workshop, and I begged her to give me a place because I wanted to learn how to grow tulips in the winter.
I am now on Emily's course, which we'll talk about in this episode. It's all really exciting. It just shows you what happens when you put yourself out and just go on something. I think there were two of us from the UK. So it was really quite exciting.

00:00:56 How she got started in the business of flower farming.
00:05:37 What’s it like in Vermont?
00:07:29 Emily’s interest in tulips.
00:11:21 The difference between 5 9 and untreated tulips.
00:15:41 What are your favourite Tulip varieties?
00:19:38 What are the benefits of growing lilies outside?
00:23:27 The importance of moving away from the image of tulips.
00:26:31 The importance of being consistent in your business.
00:29:11 Emily’s inspirations.
00:33:19 Resources

Emily Von Trapp Resources:

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